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Numerical Reasoning tests assess your ability to work with numbers, graphs, charts and percentages. Most companies use Numerical Aptitude tests to assess their graduate and professional candidates. Start taking Free Numerical Test or purchase the complete Numerical Tests package now.

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    Numerical Reasoning Test - Questions Number 11 questions Numerical Reasoning Test - Time Limit 20 min Numerical Reasoning Test - Explanations With explanations
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    Numerical Reasoning Test - Questions Number 20 questions Numerical Reasoning Test - Time Limit 20 min Numerical Reasoning Test - Explanations With explanations
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    Numerical Reasoning Test - Questions Number 20 questions Numerical Reasoning Test - Time Limit 20 min Numerical Reasoning Test - Explanations With explanations
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    Numerical Reasoning Test - Questions Number 20 questions Numerical Reasoning Test - Time Limit 20 min Numerical Reasoning Test - Explanations With explanations
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280+ Numerical questions to practice

Get to the practice with one of the best assessment platform on the market! All our reasoning tests are designed to the industry leaders' standards: SHL, Kenexa, Talent Q, Cubiks, Watson and others. High question accuracy with relevant test content is only one of the reasons why Graduates and Professionals practice with us.

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Understanding your results is as much important as taking the test itself. See how you do and progress over time. An auto-generated report on test completion not only shows your results and incorrect answers, but also overall accuracy and percentile compared to other test-takers. Each question has a detailed solution and explanation.

Aptitude Tests results and answers Aptitude Tests results and answers
Questions and Answers
Why do companies ask to complete psychometric tests?

When you apply for a job at a company there is a high chance that you will be asked to complete online tests. Depending on what role you are applying, tests may differ (e.g. Numerical, Verbal, Logical, Situational.)

These tests are designed to assess your ability to work with data, either numerical, verbal or visual. Once you complete the tests, a recruiter can then decide whether to proceed to the next interview stage.

What are Numerical Reasoning tests?

Numerical Reasoning tests are one of the most popular types of tests used in mid-to-large companies around the World. Primarily, Numerical tests are used to assess candidate’s ability to work with numbers, percentages, charts and graphs.

This is especially important if you are applying to Engineering, Consultancy or other position, where you are required to work with numbers.

Why do employers use Numerical Reasoning tests?

The point of assessing candidates with Numerical tests is to see how well an applicant can cope with logical and mathematical tasks under time pressure. Sure it will be easy to solve a percentage task in 10-15 minutes, but when time is limited to 60 seconds per question, the process of finding a solution becomes more difficult.

Employers use numerical tests with answers to assess job applicants, to test their skills in handling large amounts of numerical information under stressful conditions. The tasks provide an opportunity to measure performance potential, to understand whether the candidate is ready to deal with complex issues, to analyse data quickly at the workplace.

What to know before taking Numerical Reasoning tests?

First thing to know before taking any reasoning test is that those assessments are time limited. You are required to complete the test within the given timeframe (usually 20 to 45 min).

Numerical Reasoning tests usually consist of 20-30 questions, where you are required to choose one or more possible answers from the given answer list.

Myths about taking Numerical tests

Myth: You will need deep maths skills to pass Numerical Reasoning tests.
Fact: You only need basic maths skills to successfully pass Numerical Reasoning tests. If you can extract data from graphs, convert numbers to percentages and back, then you are good to take any Numerical Reasoning assessment.

Myth: You are not allowed to use calculators.
Fact: You are welcome to use any tool you believe could help you solve the problem. This includes calculators.

Myth: Practicing a few tests could improve your chances of passing the real assessment.
Fact: You need to practice a lot. That's why we include at least 18 questions in each of our Numerical tests. The more you work with the practice Numerical tests, the faster, more accurately and confidently you will answer the questions.

Do you have satisfaction / money back guarantee?

Yes, we do have 14 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you purchase one or more of our tests packages and are not satisfied with the quality of our tests or platform, you can cancel your membership within 14 days of your purchase. You will be refunded a full amount, once we confirm your request by email. Please note, Terms and Conditions* apply.

Can I practice Numerical Reasoning tests for Free?

Yes! You can practice our Free Reasoning tests here:

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I want to recommend Aptitude Tests as one of the best sources for graduate assessment preparation. In fact, the real tests were easier than the ones I practiced here. The explanations also helped me to understand where and why I did mistakes. Thank you, Aptitude Tests!

5-star review
Andrew's Review for


Applied at NHS (Graduate Scheme)

Very Good! Although some numerical questions were a bit complicated. Had to practice for a few days to complete everything.

5-star review
Maria's Review for


Applied at BAE Systems

Aptitude Tests let me prepare for the tests at Lufthansa. I used mostly logical and numerical tests, but am quite confident other tests are also very helpful in practice. Great value for money.

5-star review
Olga's Review for


Applied at Lufthansa

I practiced situational tests to prepare for AECOM application. It's a great website, if you're limited in time. It would also be fantastic if you had offline mode to practice without interrnet.

5-star review
Anna's Review for


Applied at AECOM

Thank you! I had to practice SHL tests here and I can only say Aptitude Tests is the best preparation platform.

5-star review
Jake's Review for


Applied at Vodafone

Excellent! Huge confidence boost and only positive experience after using Aptitude Tests for reasoning assessment preparation.

5-star review
Eric's Review for


Applied at HSBC

During my job application I had to go through a number of numerical and situational tests. Needless to say, I was looking for the best place to practice. Aptitude Tests saved me days, if not weeks. The tests were accurate and the website was easy to use in overall. Thanks!!!

5-star review
Ramesh's Review for


Applied at Société Générale

A good collection of tests. Slightly confusing results page, but overall I liked it.

5-star review
Maxims Review for


Applied at Aldi

Took situational tests. Not too many tests, but good scenarios and clear solutions. I recommend this website for preparation.

5-star review
Eugene's Review for


Applied at Accenture

I was looking for a test provider for my students so that they could prepare for the job tests. Aptitude Tests offered a lot of very high quality material, which contributed to the successful practice of the students.

5-star review
Alina's Review for


University Staff

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