Written by real psychologists

What sets us apart from other online practice platforms? Our tests. They are carefully written by professional psychologists who specialise in psychometric assessment. We have serious expertise in developing company-specific online tests, therefore, our materials meet the highest standards of popular publishers: SHL, Kenexa, Cubiks, Talent Q and others.

Step-by-step solutions

For your convenience, we write detailed explanation to every test question. Solutions make it much easier to understand why specific answer is correct, thus letting you practice more efficiently.

Real assessment simulation

Before taking the tests, our platform allows you to choose the desired mode for the assessment. You can take the tests with or without a timer, switch the explanation visibility, select whether you want to travel around the questions, and allow negative-marking. All these features are available on all our tests for everyone.

Our promise

We designed this platform to help thousands like you pass their tests every day. Thus, if after purchasing our tests you left unsatisfied, our 14-days money back guarantee is here for your peace of mind. Just let us know, and we will refund you a full amount. Read more about our refund policy.

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Real tests

60+ highest quality tests for practice. Wide range of assessment: Numerical, Verbal, Situational Judgement, Logical, Diagrammatic, Inductive, Mechanical.


Member's dashboard is designed to monitor your progress, take tests and view results. Accessible from any device.


Every test question comes with a written step-by-step solution. For your convenience, you can switch the explanation visibility before taking an assessment.

Question travel

Simulate taking the tests from different publishers (SHL, Kenexa, Talent Q, etc.) E.g. SHL do not usually allow test-takers to jump to the previous questions. Our Question Travel feature lets you easily switch question jump mode.

Negative marking

With 'Negative Marking' enabled, for every question you answer incorrectly, the algorithm will deduct points respectively from your total score.


Easily switch the test timer on/off. Taking the test without a timer is convenient if you take your firsts tests. Switch the timer on to simulate real assessment.

Advanced test reports

Once you finish the test, you will be shown a detailed report with the total score, accuracy, percentile, incorrect answers and test history. Report gives you a chance to review your real performance and see how you did compared to other test-takers.

Accuracy score

Shown at the end of the test, accuracy score speaks for itself — it shows how accurate you completed the test. Multiple factors are taken into account, including time spent, answer correctness, and the number of questions answered.

Percentile score

Shown at the end of the test, percentile indicates your performance compared to the other test takers. For example, if you are shown 92nd percentile, it means that 92% of other test-takers scored less than you in similar conditions.

Review mode

Once you finish the test, you can review your answers by starting the test in Review Mode. Review Mode allows you to go through each question and display correct answers with solutions.


Quiz is a completely different and more friendly way to sharpen your time management and critical thinking qualities. Available in Member's Dashboard.

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